Thursday, September 11, 2008

Storytelling in JRPGs

While I'm not nearly far enough into Tales of Vesperia to offer much of a response to my brother's recent critique on the dungeons, I can say that so far the game's thematic is making me a little uncomfortable. It's pretty much the usual self-help on steroids refrain of "do what you feel is right, don't let anyone stop you/believe in yourself" shlock. It seems overly self-righteous and preachy, evn darnright narcissistic. Bleh.

The battles, though...awesome, as expected. I really like the character development, too - no silly 'skill trees' that have become an unnecessary gimmick in most role-playing games; it's all handled through equipment. It's really nifty, but it still demands some of your attention during the game, too. I'm glad SOME game developer finally found a way to make character development involving without becoming distracting.

It's hard enough to find time to play anything with school, though (and I can't blog if I don't play!). With the release of Rock Band 2 imminent, though, I'm sure I'll find time to play again soon...