Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Game of the Show

If only this game:

A) Was not an MMO;
B) Was also releasing on the Xbox 360.

Maybe it's a tad bit premature, but Final Fantasy XIV is my Game of the Show for e3 2009 thus far.

Some screens for those who don't know what I'm talking about:

As they say, a picture's worth a thousand words.


Anonymous said...

Andy, the graphics for the new Final Fantasy XIV are just superb. They give testimony to the artistic beauty that exists behind the scenes of these video games. I'm taken away by how awesome they really are...the skill and work that must have gone into them. They are also so realistic and so life-like...especially the image of the landscapes. If the graphics in these three images are as good as they are, I can't wait to see the entirety of the game itself. WOW! Kudos to Final Fantasy XIV!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say thanks for letting me know and posting these images on your blog. I loved 'em. May our Blessed Mother and the Sacred Heart continue to guide and watch over you my friend!

Buzzkill3r said...

Great blog! I happened upon it from Joystiq after they posted a link to your comment on the offensive EA Dante's Inferno stunt at E3.

Anyhow I am super excited about this game as I have been playing FFXI since its North American release. To me this game looks far better than FFXIII (mostly because Tetsuya Nomura's design style is getting a bit old and repetitive). Don't let the fact that it is an MMO scare you away. FFXI has just as much of a storyline as any of the other Final Fantasy games and SquareEnix has said they are planning to refine and expand on the story side of FFXIV even more.

This and "The Last Guardian" were the stars of E3 in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

warlock are ennemy of christ!!!

Anonymous said...

My brother, some of our friends and I will be playing this game next year, as we are avid FF fans and have played FFXI (I'm in the process of quitting). You should definitely try this MMORPG, as FF's MMOs are beyond comparison, imho.