Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Legend of Zelda, the Christian past?

Not too long ago I started playing Legend of Zelda the Ocarina of Time by downloading it from the Virtual Console. I never owned an N64 as a boy so it has been interesting getting to know what all the fuss was about... more on that another time.

What I wanted to post was a link to an article by Chris Qu exploring how in the early Zelda games the world of Hyrule is Christian but that with the Ocarina of Time all of a sudden you get the religion of the three goddesses (who dress like prostitutes).

Nintendo made the decision in the mid 90s to move Link from being a kind of crusader knight character towards what we have today.

The article makes some really interesting observations, pointing out Christian artistic motifs in the early games as well as the fact that what is known in English versions as "spell book" is in Japanese referred to as "the bible". 

My absolute favourite piece of evidence is the great promotional artwork for "A Link to the Past" which shows Link in prayer before our Blessed Lord. Note he ain't a protestant either.


Cucco of Time said...

The goddesses are depicted as looking like golden statues (that look little like oscars) in Ocarina of Time. The only place I can think of where they might look like prostitutes is Din in Oracle of Seasons, because she wears a form-fitting body suit with streaming ribbons, but that's because she's a performing as a dancer in a traveling circus.

Helen Davis said...

Din farore and nayru did not offend me but this is interesting.