Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gaming update

I am in a new parish since I last posted, I completed my first year in parish in Croydon, England, now I have been moved out onto the Kent coast. Offering Holy Mass is my joy and consolation in hac lacrimarum vale.

Since I last posted I have been plodding along with my 30mins a day.

 I finished Metal Gear Solid, I really loved it! I can see why it is rated as in the top 5 on the psx by most people, I would probably put it second only after my first love which was FF7. I had been starting to lose the idea that you could really love a game once you passed the age of 18, but I have been proved wrong. Of course, you can never really cult after a game once you have a proper life and an adult vocation, you can't go around defeating every monster or collecting every possible item in some RPG, that kind of thing is only for kids with way too much time on their hands.

After Metal Gear Solid I played through Beyond Oasis.

I nearly gave up at this point in the Volcano where you have to jump across platforms while there are nasty sorcerers firing at you, in fact I did give up, but I gave it a week's break or so, then I conquered it. I thought it was a decent game. Not quite Secret of Mana, bit of a crappy soundtrack, but a lot of fun.

After Beyond Oasis I started Shining Force 2, and and mid way through it, only to start Kingdom Hearts, which again I am about mid way through, I will go back to these games next I think. I got sidetracked by I am Setsuna which I found out about by accident. I am going to write about that game in another post.

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