Friday, November 19, 2021

God and Gaming series on Word on Fire

 I just came across this trailer for a new series on Bishop Barron's channel, God and Gaming. It seems like the series will focus on interviewing individuals from the video game industry, perhaps creators, writers, programmers, producers.... 

The video clearly seems to be suggesting gaming as an avenue of the new evangelisation. I hope that doesn't mean they are going to be focusing on interviewing tiny indy developers who happen to be making uber catholic video games that are actually pretty crap. 

In Hollywood everyone knows there are a few actors, producers, directors and screenwriters who are catholic and who evangelise through their media as best as they can.

I wonder how possible this is through the video game industry...

Does like an amazing programmer decide, 'I'm going to program for 'I am Setsuna' because that has a wholesome pro catholic story, I refuse to program for Final Fantasy XIII because it doesn't' it would be interesting to hear if such a choice is even possible.

Because I love JRPGs its unlikely the show will feature any of my favourite developers, because they all seem to me to be Japanese 'spiritual not religious' character imbued in eastern philosophies. 

I would love to see a Catholic version of what they are doing on the Resonant Arc channel, I think the formula is perfect, there just needs to be objective truths of revelation underpinning the discussion and the sound principles of natural law as a point of reference. 

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