Monday, October 31, 2022

35 Games for 35 years

5 years ago I posted a little thing with 30 games for 30 years of life! Now that I have passed 35 years I thought, lets add a few more to the list! 

The games I enjoyed the most at each year of my life (so far!)

1986  As a baby I can't remember playing any games so nothing here
nor here
 Nor here
 Nor here

1990  I received a hand-me-down from an uncle of an old pong-clone with about 6 different sports variations on pong.
 I got a NES, loved Super Mario Bros
 Wizard and Warriors
Metal Gear
 Zelda II

1995 got a Mega Drive. Golden Axe
Super Kick off 2
Super Street Figher 2
Got a PS1 and got a PC, loved Premier Manager
Final Fantasy VII

2000 Final Fantasy VIII
Chrono Trigger (Rom)
Half Life for PC
RPG Maker for PC
Chrono Cross

2005 Got a pocket PC-  played Age of Empires on it
 Pocket PC replaying Final Fantasy IV
Was doing my university finals, not sure I did much gaming this year!
Seminary in Spain- no computer, no video gaming.
Zelda II

2010 got a PS2, played FFX
Suikoden 1  (On a PS3 which I had bought via PSN)
Wild Arms

2015 Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Metal Gear Solid
I am Setsuna
Breath of Five IV
Final fantasy IV on phone (DS version)

2020 Mass Effect 2 
 Final Fantasy XV (I bought a PS4)
 Neir Automata

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