Thursday, July 10, 2008

Player Diaries: Boom Blox

Boom Blox, a Wii exclusive, has great single player and multiplayer modes, whether you want to play cooperatively or competitively. You basically use the Wii remote as a hand or other item to move or blow up blocks or block animals to complete the puzzles, play “shooting gallery” minigames, or play “don’t topple the tower!” games like Jenga. There is also an addictive “Build” mode in which you create your own “stage.” You can make almost anything you want, from castles, monkey and dog fights, sculptures of dinos…even Rube Goldberg machines. The only problems with this game are that you can’t really make stages with a multiplayer focus, and there are certain types of blocks used in some game modes that you aren’t allowed to use in the “build mode.”

You’ll need a steady hand to beat this game and if you play multiplayer be sure not to have any sore losers. Boom Blox uses all of the Wii’s features, too. It’s a perfect game for newcomers but has enough tough stuff for those of you who finish games completely, too. Highly recommended!

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