Saturday, June 20, 2009

We're St. Blog's Parishioners!

It's official: Catholic Video Gamers is now registered at Saint Blogs' Parish, the online Catholic blog directory! This should make it far easier for the writers and readers in the Catholic blogosphere to find us, as we'll now be listed in the St. Blog's Parish aggregator, appear in their search engine, and have an official listing in their extensive directory.

It's my hope that membership at St. Blogs' will garner some attention from faithful Catholics who, thus far, have constituted a minority of this blog's followers and readers. Catholic Video Gamers began in large part because of a perceived lack of attention for the video game entertainment medium on the part of Catholics, and the participation of St. blog's "parishioners" should remedy this; they'll be a excellent supplement to the already active voices from the gaming culture that have been reading, linking, and commenting on this blog during the past few weeks.

Glory to God in the highest! St. Vincent Kaun, pray for us and the success of this blog!


Matthew said...

Just found your blog through the Parish Directory. Just wanted to welcome you!

Andy Kirchoff said...

Thanks Matthew! Please keep me and the other bloggers here in your prayers!

Anonymous said...

first of all, theres such a thing as a Catholic blogosphere?????
(news to me)

second off, Andy, you really need to review Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2 and God of War 3 when they come out.
I'm not sure what they have to do with Christianity (if anything) but you seem to be an interesting and insightful gamer so your perspective would be much appreciated.

Andy Kirchoff said...

Anonymous, you'd be surprised at the depth and breadth of content in the "Catholic blogosphere"; I actually link to some of my favorites on my blogger profile, if you're really interested.

If you find my commentary on games at all worthy of your time, then I can only imagine what you'll think when you see what other Catholic bloggers have to say about movies, books, politics...everything, really. They put my writing to shame!