Sunday, September 6, 2009

How Much is too Much?

It's Labor Day Weekend - and a Sunday - so any impetus to do homework is being shoved aside in favor of the normal weekend festivities. Having already played Rock Band quite extensively this weekend, however, the scrupulousity is setting in, and what would normally be a PERFECT afternoon for video gaming is currently being spent on writing this blog post. I'm half of a mind to go home for the afternoon, as well, even though I know that there is absolutely nothing constructive for me to do back there, either, save a quick hello to my family and the acquiescence of a new DDR mat that, despite being purchased for usage here at St. Joseph's, is currently sitting at home the dining room in an unopened box.

The thing is, I know that when I have to face the weekday workload again, I'm going to want to do ANYTHING to avoid it. I'll surf the internet instead of reading Sense and Sensibility, and I'll probably find myself battling virtual demons in Soul Calibur IV instead of making sure my own soul is primed and pumped for the spiritual battles of daily seminary living.

Grrrrr...Lord Jesus, lead this blind and deaf servant to the healing vision of your glory! AMEN!

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