Monday, June 6, 2016

Still alive still playing video games

As a priest trying to live a holy life, I don't have a television. I do still play video games but only a little bit, a maximum of 30 mins a day while I eat breakfast and listen to some kind of Catholic Sermon like those by Sensus Fidelium on YouTube.

I use the Easycap to play a PS3 through my laptop using software called Honestech TVR 2.5.

I have now been ordained to the Sacred Priesthood for a year, and I have also just turned 30 years old, so I am now both a priest gamer and an "old gamer"!

It is amazing being a priest and offering Holy Mass each day.

In the last year since my ordination I have managed to play through Legend of Dragoon for the ps1. Maybe at somepoint I will write a review for it. Ultimately it felt like a major FFVII clone but with a few novel gameplay elements, sadly the game turned anti-God like the ff games it clones.

I have now moved on to Metal Gear Solid, I am nearly finished I think and have really enjoyed it!

What else?... On the side I have tales of Phantasia and also Phantasy star 4, I have basically been dissapointed with phantasy star 4, I was hoping for something with the same kind of life about it as FFVI an CT for the SNES but from about 10 hours playtime it seems very much town-dungeon-town-dungeon in a rather boring fashion. I don't think it even touches FFIV.

Keep the faith guys.


Anonymous said...

The first Metal Gear Solid is my favorite so far; I'm in the middle of the fourth one, but I'm thinking my opinion will stand in the end. Congratulations on your ordination!

Vicki DePalma said...

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drivdiscpl said...

Minecraft is obvious by it's absence. Are the players too young? Currently playing on Prism server by Ccgr. This Christian vanilla server has very diverse player ages. Free but need to be white listed.