Friday, September 1, 2017

The popularity of Vivi

I was looking over a subreddit within the JRPG community thank showed the results of a poll of the most popular JRPG characters of all time.

In the results of that poll Vivi ranks as number 2. second to a character from a game I haven't played yet (Breath of Fire iv). Vivi is the highest rated FF character.

I found this really interesting. Vivi is definitely one of my favourite characters also, and I think it is for exactly the same reason. He is one of the only JRPG characters who shares us genuine anxieties and worries about death. He allows himself to actually sit with and dwell upon the mysteries reality of life coming to an end, he has an interiority that the gamer can relate to, but perhaps would never vocalise, would never admit to being able to relate to,

As Catholics, members of the one true Church, with the entire truth about reality, we want to help poor Vivi realise what awaits him after death, what awaits all those who have failed to be regenerated by grace, and all those who have been regenerated, those few who have persevered to the end as friends of God.

There was a beautiful comment on the review of FF9 by a reader-

"Vivis ending is also very sad. I wanted to go into the game and tell him all about Jesus."

That is certainly true, because the best the game can offer the reader is continuing existence through your offspring, having meaningful friendships while you are alive, living on in other people's memories..... basically the kind of stuff you get in humanist funerals.

What Our Lord and saviour offer is the full truth, heaven or hell and for eternity.

I am glad Vivi is the most popular character because it shows that there are so many individuals who, deep down, are worried about the eternal truths, they are worried about death, they are worried about who they really are and what purpose they are made for.

This is fantastic, it shows there are people who are preparing themselves to hear the Good News. Because Jesus Christ's message can only reach those who have got this degree of interiority, who aren't just chasing after pleasures but are genuinely seeking meaning, answers to the biggest questions. Vivi embodies that. Vivi doesn't get the answers, but we have them.

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