Monday, June 18, 2018

Corpus Christi

Not about video games but about reality.

This morning, I held between my thumb and finger a small piece of bread, 

and with sacred words uttered in almost silence, 

I held Jesus Christ, my saviour, my Lord, 

Who loves me, Who knows me, the lot marked out for me.

I, chosen among thousands, His beloved.

What a privilege! A greater act than the creation of the universe, an intimacy even the angels do not possess.

When I am tempted to hold other things, other people, other life options,

I look at Him, Who is hiding between my thumb and forefinger.

HE is Mine and I am His.

And I realize that to exchange this for anything else, even the whole world, 

would be madness, would be folly to the utmost, because I am holding Him, my true end, my lasting good, the summum bonum.

O priest, all this is yours! 

To turn away from this, is to turn away from Him.

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