Monday, June 18, 2018

Seeing with the eyes of faith.

In a world of playing video games how easy it is to get reality and non-reality mixed up. 

Have you ever had that experience of having to remind yourself while sitting in front of the playstation- "you know, this isn't real! What I see on the screen is a myth, an illusion, something made of 1s and 0s."

At the same time as Catholics we often have to submit our minds to truths of faith that are hidden or experienced in a different way "Jesus, My Lord, you are real! What is see in the world is a myth, an illusion, compared to You, the pleasures of the senses are atoms and molecules, prizes and trophies are dust and smoke, but you are real, even though I see you only through the eyes of faith"

And then we come to the Holy Eucharist, the Lord Himself, not particles of bread and wine, but really Him. 

To paraphrase Hunger Games

Video Games- not real
Truths of the the faith- real
Cloud Strife- not real
Jesus Christ- real
Playstation Trophies - not real
Heaven and hell- real
graphics and fmv sequences- not real
real presence of Jesus in Holy Communion- REAL.

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